About us

Panamin CO Ltd. is the exclusive representative and partner for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA of Panamin GmbH, Austria - a manufacturer of a new generation of biostimulators and supplements for farm animals.

The main product Panamin Agro ® meets the highest production standards and is a super modern biological product with a standard method of application. We have made Panamin Agro ® recognizable and preferred on several continents after many years of experiments and research in a number of titled Universities and Institutes, as well as in hundreds of real farms. Throughout our experience in recent years, we have been able to achieve sustainable results even in severe climatic and soil conditions, thanks to which the super modern biostimulant has been awarded many prizes for innovation and the fastest growing product on the market.

The team of highly qualified specialists has accepted as its mission to offer you quality innovative proposals for sustainable agriculture through environmentally friendly solutions. Panamin Agro ® has launched a new series of immunostimulants for nourishing and natural crop protection - Panatechnology.


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