What are volcanic rocks and how do they affect plants?

It is a well-known fact that in Italy around the Etna volcano, every farmer enjoys a rich and high-quality production, because of the soils and their composition. This is due to the volcanic deposits accumulated in it during the activation of the volcano.

Panamin Fulvic Max – Innovative mixture

Panamin Fulvic Max is an innovative mixture of finely ground volcanic rocks, organic fulvic and humic extracts with no analogue in the world. The basis of each product of the Panamin series is micronized mixtures of various volcanic rocks – Calcite, Zeolite, Dolomite, and others.

What is Potassium Fulvate?

What is the difference between Fulvic and Humic acids?

The innovation in Panatechnology’s latest developments is the method of extracting fulvic and humic extracts from the extremely useful natural raw material for plants – decayed vegetation of over 100,000 years – young Leonardite.