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PANAMIN detox®

100 % natural food additive
for all kind of productive livestock


PANAMIN DETOX® is based on 100% naturalKlinoptilolith-Zeolite from the proprietary high-quality deposit. With our quality assurance and compliance with the directives of ISO 9001 certification, KlinoLife™ belongs to the most well-researched and high quality minerals.


PANAMIN DETOX® stimulates the activation of metabolism. Additionally, it supports the regulation of water, mineral and acid-base balance and perfectly complements the daily nutrition – in particular protein and carbohydrate nutrition – because it stabilizes the digestion and improves the nutrient uptake. It has a protective physiological effect on the gastro-intestinal apparatus and activates the microorganisms.


PANAMIN DETOX® aids the natural removal of harmful substances (such as heavy metals, radionuclides, ammonium) by selective binding of toxins like ammonia that are either generated through digestion or taken in with feed. Other important nutrients (sugars, vitamins, amino acids etc.) remain available for the animals. No residues remain in animal products.

  • Supplies natural minerals
    such as calcium,
    magnesium and silicon
  • • Improves the
    mineralization and the
    growth of the bones and
    reduces the osteoporosis
  • Detoxifies the body – the
    ingredient Klinoptilolith
    is detoxifying because
    of its crystal structure. It
    detoxifies heavy metals,
    mycotoxins, aflatoxins,
    urea, ammonium,
  • • 100% natural bio
    available silicon
    strengthens naturally the
    joints, the tendons and
    the muscles.

Panamin Animal®

Based on its particle size, PANAMIN ANIMAL® can be taken optimally in the digestive tract and can naturally supply to the body various necessary building minerals.