PANATOP IMMUNO SAVE is a foliar immune stimulant

With high content of silicon (Si), potassium (K) and copper (Cu).

• Silicon is the most preferred element in modern agriculture in the west. It supports the transport of nutrients, has the greatest contribution in strengthening the immune response and the plant‘s tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress.
› Its strong antiseptic effect strengthens the health status by building a mechanical barrier against contact and systemic diseases.
› Plants treated with silicon (Si) harden the upper cuticle layer of the leaves and thicken the trichomes – fine cilia. This repels certain pests with small piercing-sucking apparatuses, such as aphids etc., which recognize the plant as an unfavourable host and greatly reduce their density.

• The combination of silicon (Si), potassium (K) and copper (Cu) оprovides not only protection against pests, but also has a strong stimulating effect by increasing the quality and quantity of the yield.
› Apply it preventively before the appearance of systemic diseases, several times during the growing season every 7 to 14 days.

• Panatop Immuno Save has a high pH value and a preliminary test for miscibility is recommended, especially when used along with acid-based products.

For best results, use the combinations of Panatechnology.

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