PANATOP FULVIC D is an innovative and patented foliar and soil immune stimulant.

• Balanced formula combined with humic acids, calcium and magnesium carbonate, trace elements and naturally bound carbon dioxide.
• Humic acids contribute to the transformation of nutrients into a form available for the plants, stimulate the growth, increase the health status, absorb moisture and restore soil fertility.
• Calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) is an outstanding tandem in combating stress factors.
• Calcium (Ca) contributes to strength, elasticity, recovery from hail and other adverse conditions, and extended shelf life.
• Its synergistic action with Magnesium (Mg) enhances photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.
• CO2-effect: Carbon dioxide in carbonates directly affects photosynthesis, increases glucose synthesis, reduces moisture transpiration, and increases the immune response to abiotic and biotic stress.

For best results, use the combinations of Panatechnology.
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