PANAMIN FULVIC is a new generation foliar and soil activator.

Humic acids are extracted from the natural raw material young leonardite (deceased vegetation over 100 thousand years old). The unique technology of extracting humic acids using potassium allows a higher concentration of fulvic acids than of humic acids. Fulvic acids are a subdivision of humic acids with similar characteristics but unlike them, fulvic acids are composed of small 100% water-soluble molecules, which allow maximum absorption through the leaves. Humic acids contribute to:

• Increased immune response of the plants to adverse climatic conditions, such as drought, water logging and temperature amplitudes. Forming a micellar coating on the leaves, which further impedes the penetration of fungal pathogens.

• Optimal absorption of nutrients and their transport from the root to the leaves

• Transformation of the unavailable nutrients in the soil into a form digestible by plants, blocking the heavy metals

• Better reproduction of soil microorganisms, increased level of carbon, restoration of the soil fertility and absorption of moisture,

For best results, use the combinations of Panatechnology.

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