PANAMIN AGRO® is a unique mixture of finely ground rock flours. Extracted from natural Austrian volcanic rocks and minerals for remineralization. Thanks to the innovative grinding technology, the size of the particles is reduced to the nano level, which contributes to the maximum absorption of the product by the plant.

Applicable for remineralization of plants and soils in all types of crops, by means of foliar application.

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Panamin Agro - Completely BIO Certified product

100% organic product

Permitted for organic farming according to EEC No. 834/2007 and 889/2008

PANAMIN AGRO® is a unique mixture of finely ground rock flours. Derived from natural, Austrian volcanic rocks and minerals for plant and soil remineralization through foliar application. Free of heavy metals, rich in active macro- and microelements.

PANAMIN AGRO® is a complex acting foliar and soil fertilizer. With its main components calcium and magnesium carbonate, it enables the release of CO2 to accelerate photosynthesis and to have a beneficial effect on the pH level of plants and soil. Thanks to innovative technologies, we were able to decompose
these raw materials to the nano level with a particle size of 0.1 to 6 microns.

With the natural origin of the raw materials and the small particle size, we have ensured maximum absorption and
accumulation of vital nutrients in stock, which contributes to the systemic action of the product.

Permitted for organic farming according to EEC No. 834/2007 and 889/2008

Ingredients of Panamin Agro and their functions


Upon penetration into the leaves, the natural decomposition of the two carbonates (calcium and magnesium) leads to the storage of the plant with naturally bound CO2.

Picture 6

With its main ingredients calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, silica and trace elements, of iron, zinc and copper along with natural CO2 offers each user and each culture a state-of-the-art biological product.

Picture 5

Protruding ribs – a sign of accelerated photosynthesis and maximum absorption of nutrients




1. Accelerated photosynthesis and prolonged vegetation period 

It has been scientifically proven that during the warmer months photosynthesis decreases dramatically between 10:00 and 17:00. This is because at temperatures above 28 degrees CO2 from the surface rises up into the air. Due to the supply of naturally bound carbon dioxide at the cellular level, plants continue to photosynthesize even in adverse climatic conditions for at least 15 days longer.

Growth is controlled by light. Because of the light
blue and red spectrum, photosynthes

2. The supply of CO2 leads to increased synthesis of glucose, which means: thickening the juices of the plant, providing a serious tolerance to frost and frost.

Organic function of PANAMIN AGRO®

• Net and full rate of photosynthesis, systems 1 and 2
• Тurgur, adenosine triphosphatase, Calvin cycle, ribulose
biphosphate carboxylase / oxygenase
• Strengthening of cell walls (chloroplasts and chlorophyll)
• Solution of microelements: Fe, Zn, Mg, etc.!
• Immune system
• Water cycle: Xylem / Philem, transpiration / respiration,
• Biomass and root system, glucose synthesis

3. The regulation of the stomata due to the storage of CARBON DIOXIDE, reduces moisture transpiration and leads to drought tolerance

To produce 1 molecule of CO2, the plant consumes 100 molecules of water. The plant consists of 80 – 90% water.

Fungistatic effect

Thanks to the closed stomata and formations silicon double cuticle layer, a natural barrier against fungal pathogens is obtained.

The application of PANAMIN AGRO® strengthens the mechanical barrier against fungal pathogens.



Si is one of the most important elements for plant development. Silicic acid – Si(OH)4, is taken from the soil through the root system and transported through the xylem to the plant parts, where it condenses in the form of silica gel.

Increased immunity = healthier plants

The first response of the plant in its struggle for survival due to abiotic and biotic stress is the production of one of the main phytohormones – silicic acid. Due to the high content of SiO2 in PANAMIN AGRO®, the plant has the ability to synthesize more of this phytohormone

EN_Picture 14 (2)

Biotic stress
Storage with SiO2
leads to hardening of the cuticle (double cuticle layer) and thickening of trichomes (fine hairs on the surface of plants). As a result, some types of enemies recognize it as an unfavorable environment and fly away. The formed silicon-cuticle layer serves as a barrier against the penetration of pathogens (powdery mildew, alternaria, rust, septoria, etc.). Silicon helps prevent a new attack – systemic acquired resilience

Abiotic stress
Silicon has a positive effect on cell wall healing and mechanical resistance by improving the structure of plant tissues. Produces stronger stems with more upright leaves. Increases nutrient absorption. The supply of Si in plant tissues reduces the rate of transpiration-resistance to drought and stress from high temperatures, reduces the salt balance by inhibiting the absorption of
sodium. Si maintains optimal water potential in the cell by regulating the osmotic pressure as well as on the biosynthesis of chlorophyll.


The effect of Panamin Agro FINE GRINDING AFFECTS SOLUBILITY! ® for optimizing the pH level of the soil is due to a constant ratio of CaO and CO2. At low pH CaO raises the pH level to the zone of influence of CO2 and vice versa when the pH level is high CO2 lowers it to the zone of influence of CaO. In this way the pH level remains optimal and as a result all nutrients in the soil become digestible.

Usually more than 10 different pH values can be found in 1 hectare with PANAMIN AGRO® you manage to equalize the different pH levels so that all the microelements contained in the soil become digestible for the plants.

It has been scientifically proven that fine grinding creates a huge volumeactive surface. For example: for coarse limestone with a fraction of 1 mm. from 1 gram a surface of 49 sq. cm can be covered. at PANAMIN AGRO®, however, they are up to 800 sq. m from gram with the acting 90 billion Panamin particles. By depositing a large number of calcium ions on clay and humus particles. the soil structure is stabilized, which improves the water regime and soil aeration. 

EN_Picture 17

One of point keys for recovering of the soil structure is the process of remineralization.

The rock flours in PANAMIN AGRO® are a building
block of healthy soil. 


• 100% organic product created from natural, natural raw materials
• improved root system
• increased digestibility of the elements in the plant
• tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress
• strengthens the immune response of the plant and accelerates photosynthesis
• prolongs the growing season
• integrated plant protection
• increases the quality indicators of the production (content of sugars, butter, protein, etc.)
• increased shelf life
• positive effect on the soil
• increase in yield



Packing in paper bags by:
15 kg. and 6 kg.
750 kg pallets


• When mixing with other preparations, always add last!
• Dissolve in the mixer of the sprayer or in a separate container – until a homogeneous liquid!
• Sprayers must be run with the agitator on at all times.
• For the treatment, the usual spraying technique is sufficient, pressure 4 – 6 atmospheres, the size of the nozzles is smaller than 0.3 mm.
• Treatment speed: ideal at 5 – 8 km/h, wind less than 3 – 5 m/s.
• Application temperature range: morning/evening at temperatures 8-28ºC.
• To be protected for 4 hours from possible wash-off by rain.
• PANAMIN AGRO® can be sprayed separately or together with all types of plant protection preparations and fertilizers, except those with a pH level NOT LOWER than pH 3.4.
• No adhesives required.

For your convenience, we already have a solution Our new development PANAMIN AGRO® now in the form of SUSPENSION. The stabilized suspension is now also applicable in fertigation and greenhouse production.

Suspension Packaging